About Kyle Richter

Kyle Richter is CEO and Founder of Dragon Forged Software an award winning Mac and iOS product company and Co-Founder of Empirical Development a Mac and iOS development shop. He has been professionally writing Mac software since 2004 and has been active in iOS development since the announcement of the iPhone SDK in 2008. Through Kyle’s tenure as an Objective-C developer he has worked on hundreds of products which have been featured on stage at Apple’s WWDC on multiple occasions, TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, billboards and Apple’s retail and virtual marketplaces.

Kyle is also a frequent speaker on technology, development, business, and entrepreneurship across the globe. In addition to his writing, he is known as the creator of the first multiplayer iOS game and the first credit card processing app for the iPhone. While Kyle travels frequently he currently calls Key West his home where he lives with his border collie Landis.

Kyle has authored several books on iOS development, which are available on Amazon as well as many other book retailers.

  • iOS Components and Frameworks: Understanding the Advanced Features of the iOS SDK
  • Beginning iOS Social Games
  • Beginning iOS Game Center and Game Kit: For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch