About Kyle Richter

Kyle Richter is the Co-Founder and CEO of MartianCraft an iOS and Mac consulting studio. He has previously founded and run Empirical Development and Dragon Forged Software. He has been developing indie Mac software since 2004. Kyle is available for speaking and birthday parties.

Our Responsibility as Developers

Developers have a responsibility to users. At no point in human history have so few people been able to reach so many with so little oversight. Yes, we have had mass publishing for more than 500 years. But to reach an audience of millions there would have been dozens of reviewers, fact checkers, editors, and investigators. Now, a very small group, or even a solo developer, can reach their hands into the private lives of millions of people in a matter of days. Most of the time this great power is for the benefit of everyone. But more and more often we are seeing developers take the low road. Users, for the most part, don’t have the technical knowledge to know when they are being taken for a ride. Even the technically minded ones often don’t do the required legwork. Continue reading

Apple’s Game Console will Change the Living Room

The week after WWDC I wrote an article called The New Apple TV SDK which generated quite the debate. I postulated that Apple had in fact enabled the use of Apps on the Apple TV, which needless to say, was a feature that many developers have been waiting for since the switch from the original Apple TV OS to a modified version of iOS. What developers haven’t realized is we already have that SDK, we can already deploy custom apps to the Apple TV (without Jailbreaking), it is far better than we expected, and it is quickly moving its way through Alpha into Beta right under our noses. Continue reading

The Market Price of Ideas

I have, right now, an idea that is guaranteed to generate $1 trillion in sales a year as a baseline. Thats Trillion with 12 zeros, a million million dollars, a year. I am going to give you this idea for free, because I want to demonstrate, without execution, an idea is valueless. A machine capable of moving you forward or backwards in time would easily be worth tens of trillions of dollars, even if the movement of time was restricted to mere minutes or hours. Does that seem too far-fetched? How about a machine that can transport a passenger from NYC to LA in under an hour without being felt up by the TSA, want something even more realistic? A lower cost space cargo delivery system, such as the space elevator. These ideas are all worth trillions but without execution they are valueless. Continue reading

The New Apple TV SDK

WWDC ’13 is over and developers have returned home to nurse their ailing livers back to health. While on bed rest and recovering from a non-stop week of drinking from the knowledge firehose and friends, developers have begun to dive into the API diffs. Prior to any WWDC the development community is ablaze of rumors and wish list, for many it’s reminiscent of the childhood run up to Christmas. On the list for many developers over the last few years has been an Apple TV SDK. After all the Apple TV runs a modified version of iOS, there aren’t a lot of arguments for why developers can’t create software for it. While the Mac Pro, iOS 7, and OS X 10.9 were the talks of the show, Apple quietly gave us an Apple TV SDK and didn’t even tell anyone. Continue reading